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Rosetta's Pure Shea Butter Body Creams

Rosetta has been making Shea Butter Body Creams and a Face Serum for use in her massage practice in Woodbury, CT for over 10 years. In addition to offering her pure and healing Shea Butter Body Creams to her friends and clients, Rosetta would now like to offer these gifts to the world! 

Mission Statement

To provide nontoxic, healing products with organic sustainable fair trade ingredients made with the intention of manifesting love & peace in the world. Supporting  the underprivileged & companies that are of the same philosophy. 


Only the Purest Ingredients...

Each ingredient in Rosetta's Pure creams has healing properties for the vitality of your skin and overall wellbeing. All creams are 100% organic, unrefined and pure because Rosetta believes that when you nourish your skin, you nourish within.

Help support West African subsistence farmers in Ghana who produce Rosetta's Fair Trade Shea Butter.